Topeka grandmother in ICU after crash, seeking lost dog that ran from first responders

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- Kent and Betty Foutz were traveling home for the night on Friday when someone rear ended their car on I-70 and Southwest Union Road. The accident left Betty Foutz in critical condition.

Their grandson’s wife, Holly Furman, explained what happened during the crash.

“They went ahead and flipped over the guard rail and it was about a 40-foot drop they said. And landed in the creek bedding on the roof of the vehicle, Furman said.

The driver, Kent Foutz, made it out of the car with minor injuries and assisted their newly adopted dog, Bella, to safety. Bella was then handed over to firefighters on scene, but she freed herself from the harness and ran away.

Betty Foutz is being cared for in the ICU as of Saturday night, February 20. Her family said she will want to see her puppy as soon as she can. They hope to be able to reunite the two with help from the Topeka community.

“I know in this time of need she really loved the puppy Bella. And I feel like we need to do everything we can to make her feel loved and happy when she wakes up in this not so great time,” Furman said.

The family believes Bella ran south between Valencia and West Union Road near I-70, the location of the crash. The dog is believed to be a german shepard mix and they said she might be timid at first. If you believe to have found the puppy, Bella, call (785) 499-3512.

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