Topeka grocery store sees shortage, Frito-Lay snacks may get scarce as strike continues

Local News

TOPEKA (KSNT)– Frito Lay workers have been striking for a total of seven days, and one Topeka grocery store is feeling the impact.

The store manager at Topeka’s Seabrook Apple Market, Terry Fleer, said he only received four boxes of Frito Lay products this week.

“It was not even half of what we normally get,” Fleer said.

The shipment also had much less variety.

“They’re not bringing in as much as they used to,” Fleer said. “They say it’s only going to be those core brands coming in.”

Core brands as in your classic potato and corn chips, such a Lays or Doritos, but not the unique flavors. Fleer said they do have other flavor chips ordered, but they just have to wait and see if they get a shipment of them.

Union leaders have a meeting planned with Frito Lay officials on July 19.

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