Topeka group helps pets and owners stay together long-term after temporary homelessness

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When staying at homeless shelters, those who own pets often find themselves having to choose between abandoning their pet or staying on the street. 

However, at the Topeka Rescue Mission, the Pet Assistance Network of Topeka, or PANT, works with clients to prevent them from having to make that difficult choice.

PANT President Jospeh Cook works with animals every day. He knows first hand how much love pets have for their owners.

“If we’re living on the street, they’ll live there, too because they know they want to be with you,” said Cook. “So, they’re very accepting of such situations.”

The Pet Assistance Network of Topeka provides temporary shelter and medical services for pets whose owners are staying at the Topeka Rescue Mission.

Libby Adams coordinates the program at the Rescue Mission.

Within the past year, they’ve been able to serve 56 people and their pets.

“Some of the unsheltered people that have been living outside for a long time absolutely won’t come in if their animal isn’t going to be taken care of,” said Adams.

Cook said their main goal is prevent people from having to give up their pet forever because of temporary homelessness.

“Many of these people have lost pretty much everything, and the last friend they have in this world is this pet,” said Cook.

Once those registered with the program are ready to leave the Rescue Mission, they’re reunited with their loyal companions.

“It’s very transformative,” said Adams. “It’s life saving for a lot of people.”

If you would like to donate or get involved with PANT, you can visit their website HERE.

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