TOPEKA (KSNT) – Problems concerning homeless encampments in Topeka continue to persist.

A City of Topeka spokesperson said the city inspected a new homeless camp Thursday morning. The inspection was in response to a complaint about the camp that recently moved to the area just east of Topeka Boulevard and 38th Street.

District 5 council member Brett Kell told 27 News the city’s main concern in these instances is safety. Several local businesses in the surrounding area voiced their concerns about safety, and how the presence of the camp could impact their business.

“I know homelessness should not be an illegal thing, but at a certain point when it hinders people’s ability to run a business, to live their regular everyday life, something has to be done where we work together on the situation,” Kell said.

According to Kell, the next step is to wait for the ordinance that outlines more specific camping restrictions in Topeka to go into place.

The City said it is currently evaluating whether or not this particular camp meets the standards for clean-up. It has also already been in contact with the occupants of this camp to try and find other housing options.