TOPEKA (KSNT) — Springtime has arrived, which means the lawn care season is upon us.

However, some people don’t keep up with their landscaping. City leaders are teaching neighbors as part of their Changing Our Culture of Property Maintenance Initiative to take better care of their yards and raffling off a free lawn mower during each session of the program this year.

The lawn care sessions are open to anyone wanting to improve the Topeka Community.

The program hopes that by engaging the city to provide backup mowing services, it’ll lead to more significant results than the year prior.

The city uses contractors and volunteers to help people mow their lawns if they’re not able to themselves. The hope is for residents to collectively work together to help make Topeka’s properties presentable.

KSNT 27 News met with 1st District Councilwoman Karen Hiller, who explained the purpose behind the program.

“The actual safety and looking good are all combined,” Hiller said. “And that really [is] fundamental to certainly to the mowing initiative this summer, but the overall goals of, let’s have a place that we are all comfortable in, feel safe in, we are proud of, and when other people drive through, they’re like that’s a great place to live.”

For the city, it is hoped that these information sessions will galvanize support and motivation to start seeing change.

The initiative’s goal is for all property owners, residential and commercial, to help keep their properties to code. This will allow the city to look presentable and nice for all.