Topeka leaders consider rules to enforce parking on pavement or gravel driveways

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Topeka officials are discussing rules about where people can park cars on their property.

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, council members talked about rules that would make sure people are parking their cars on paved or gravel driveways instead of grass or dirt.

That is technically already a rule in Topeka, but city leaders said there are loopholes where people park on a small amount of gravel or cement blocks to avoid getting in trouble.

Council members said this is an issue they’ve been discussing for months now.

Some think parking cars on grass or dirt is an eyesore that makes neighborhoods lose value, while others think where they park on their own property is their choice and putting in a paved or gravel driveway would be too expensive.

Topeka’s Deputy Mayor Sandra Clear said it’s an issue that’s important to her and the people she represents.

“I get a lot of calls, and I have 4 or 5 people in the area I can name that park in the grass right now, and people want a change,” Clear said. “The people that are really trying in their neighborhood to keep it up and keep it nice, and then you have someone that disregards all that, it kind of upsets you.”

The new proposal suggests requiring people to park on paved or graveled areas to close the loopholes. It also clarifies that Topeka Police would be in charge of enforcing those rules if passed.

There will be more discussions about the topic at upcoming council meetings before it’s voted on.

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