Topeka Lions Club supports the Medical Warriors program at KCDC

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TOPEKA (KSNT)– With the help of the Topeka Lions Club, the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center can continue to serve all children with their Medical Warriors program.

The program started a few years ago and is meant to help medically fragile children who cannot be exposed to other people because they are immuno-compromised. Kids and their families get the opportunity to play safely while the center is closed off to the public, so they aren’t exposed to any additional germs other people may bring.

The facility’s workers clean the center from top to bottom with a hospital-grade disinfectant to ensure utmost safety for the kids. Only one family is allowed in during an off day, and they must first receive a note to their physician that they give to the center prior to making an appointment.

Today, the Topeka Lions Club donated a check of $5,000 to the KCDC to help with any additional costs the program may bring and help ensure all kids have the ability to continue to discover.

“When you see a little child in here who may be on oxygen, or they may have an IV bag attached and you watch their eyes light up and you see that giant smile on their face, it really reinforces why we’re doing this,” said Dené Mosier, the president and CEO of the KCDC. “This is why it’s important that every child should have the opportunity to come in no matter what struggle they are having outside. We want them to be able to come inside, be a child, play and discover.”

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