TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Metro Board of Directors has voted to not reduce services at this time. Earlier this month Metro hosted a series of public meetings to inform residents about proposed system-wide reductions in the metro system due to workforce shortages. But, today, the board voted unanimously voted 7 to 0 against reducing service.

“Over the last several years it has become increasingly more difficult to recruit and maintain bus operators,” Director of Marketing and Communications Keri Renner with the Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority said. “This has been the experience both regionally and nationally.”

The lack of bus drivers has made it increasingly difficult for the Topeka Metro to keep up with the responsibilities of providing transportation services to people who need to go to work, medical facilities, schools and shopping.

“The labor shortage is NOT due to COVID-19 cases amongst employees,” Topeka Metro said. “But, due to difficulties in recruiting and retaining bus operators, the same difficulties currently being experienced by so many employers.”