TOPEKA (KSNT)-   The recent Ku Klux Klan signs have caused quite a stir in the 1900 block of Cheyenne,  even leading police to being contacted on three different accounts.

However not everyone finds this signs to be a problem, “It didn’t bother me at all if they want to do it that’s their right,” Muriel Parhomek

Because for Muriel she’s used to it, she was around when the KKK was at its peak, “Since I’m so old I remember that.” But she wasn’t the one who found the flyer, “Yes, my little 10-year-old granddaughter was here and she went across the street and picked up one of these flyers because she was interested in it, and I wanted to give her and education.”

On Monday the education continued as Topeka’s Police Chief and the black ministers association discussed what is being done about the, “I called the U.S. Attorney’s office and spoke to them about having them and the FBI just take a look into the situation surrounding the flyers,” Chief James Brown, Topeka Police Department said.

These same flyers seen in Topeka surfaced just a year ago in the Capital city, “So they’re not brand new flyers, we believe they’ve been around for quite some time,” Brown said.

Still in light of the KKK flyers, and what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, Pastor T.D. Hicks says hatred and racism is a conversation that Topeka needs to have, “If things wouldn’t have happened we would’ve been sitting back acting as if there is nothing wrong, or everything’s fine so it kind of catapulted us into having some conversations that were long overdue,” Hicks said.

As for Parhoem, she thinks everyone just needs to let it go, “I’m not concerned at all, maybe they will help somebody, who knows what they’ll do now, and maybe they’re different than they used to be.”

Chief Brown also mentioned that even if they find out who’s being these signs, its likely those responsible won’t face charges because of the First Amendment. Though he says to go ahead and report it to police if you come across a flyer. They’re trying to determine just how wide-spread they are being distributed.