Topeka police chief says investigation into police brutality to take weeks

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Topeka Police Chief Bill Cochran has a message for the community as an accusation of police brutality circulates on social media.

The Facebook post claims a white police officer severely injured a Black woman after a traffic stop around five weeks ago. Cochran said the situation is being investigated thoroughly.

The chief takes claims of police brutality seriously, and when one of his sergeants put his hands on a woman, an immediate investigation began.

“What I can assure to the public is we review these, we investigate them, we look at them very thoroughly from the bottom all the way up,” Cochran said.

A local pastor, who prompted outrage after posting the incident on Facebook, said the officer grabbed the woman and twisted her arms behind her back.

Cochran said there are several internal reviews of the situation. The city also has an auditor who does not work for the police chief who is looking into the situation as well.

“We don’t just look at one little scope of it we look at the broad perspective, at the whole picture of it”

The situation brought to light just a week after tensions between Black Lives Matter and Back the Blue groups set up demonstrations downtown; the groups facing off over police policies at a time where police and race tensions are high across the country.

The chief ensures this case isn’t being swept under the rug, saying the process is just lengthy.

“Even though there’s not been a finding or ruling or anything like that doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening to it,” Cochran said. “The accusation that it’s swept under the carpet and put out of the way is a false accusation because that’s not true. Because the process takes a little bit of time means it’s being done thoroughly, correctly and the right way.”

KSNT News is trying to hear from the woman at the center of this situation. So far she’s not commenting.

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