Topeka Police Department explores security camera programs to help deter crime

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The Topeka Police Department have some new plans in the works to help deter crime in the community, and they plan on doing it using technology.

One of those new initiatives is called ‘See Topeka’. This allows businesses and individuals to register any security cameras they have on their property. 

Police say all of the locations go into a database and will be pinpointed on a map.

If a crime were to happen in or near one of the registered businesses or homes, police would be able to see who all has registered cameras in that area and contact them to see if their footage could help in the investigation. 

The Topeka Police Department is also looking into partnering with businesses downtown to form a network in which police would have instant access to the businesses security camera footage if a crime happened in the area.

“We could automatically then go and retrieve video footage for that incident so that we could push that information out to the emergency service personnel responding to the scene,” said Sgt. Cody Burger.

Downtown Topeka business owner Chris Schultz is working with police to help develop this plan. 

“This is something that’s necessary and it’s a way to use technology,” said Schultz. “Technology is constantly changing around us and this is a way to use technology that’s going to help the officers that we have do the jobs that they need to do.”

Sgt. Burger said he understands that some people may have privacy concerns, but the plan is more about the ability to review footage after a crime is reported, not about monitoring businesses around the clock.

For more information about ‘See Topeka’ and how you can register your security camera, click HERE

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