Topeka Police discuss rights of protection after dog shot, killed

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Our dogs are like family, but what happens when they leave our sight, and scare another person?

Topeka police responded to reported shots fired on the 1300 block of Northeast Quincy Avenue around 6:00 a.m. Wednesday. The man on scene said he was walking his dogs when another dog came running up to them and started to attack. The man was legally carrying a gun and shot the other dog, according to police.

Animal control arrived on scene shortly after police and took over the investigation.

It is Topeka law that dogs need to be leashed. Therefore the owner of the loose dog did go against a City of Topeka ordinance. The owner who shot the loose dog did not.

“Unfortunately, there have been cases where dogs have mauled people to death, so at that point you have the right to defend yourself with whatever means is available,” Topeka Police Department Lt. Manuel Munoz said.

Criminally, the owner of the loose dog does not have a case against the man who shot it, according to Topeka police. They do still have the option to take the case to civil court if they choose to do so.

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