Topeka police investigate unusual number of gunshot calls

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Topeka police said they reported to nine different complaints of gunshots over the weekend. Eight of those calls happened in a matter of hours.

In the nine investigations this weekend, police found just one victim suffering from a gunshot wound. In that same investigation, they were able to find shell casings. But none of the other sites showed any evidence of a shooting there.

Officers respond to every complaint of gunshots heard. They will knock on doors to get witness accounts, but a lot of the time people choose not to speak.

That’s why they say it’s important people use other resources to share valuable information. That includes the anonymous tip line or asking for an officer to meet you away from the scene of the incident.

“If we can get a vehicle description, a suspect description, something, if you even have a partial tag, that’s something that we can follow up on,” Lt. Munoz said. “We may have a description from another scene that may be the same color vehicle, another part of the tag that we need, this may be just that crucial part of information we need to be able to link something and make a case on someone.”

Without any evidence, Topeka police won’t be able to find a connection between these complaints.

Police are looking into whether the evidence found at a shooting at 1000 Block of Southeast Bellview on Saturday night will lead them anywhere. One person was found wounded on scene.

“There were two different types of casings that were located, that were all collected,” Lt. Munoz said. “They were submitted to our crime scene investigation unit, which they will look into it further and see if they are a match for another shooting scene or another crime that we may be investigating.”

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