Topeka residents concerned with SW 10th Avenue shutdown to finish construction

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Just as residents near Southwest 10th Avenue in Topeka began to get used to having the road back open after completing the first phase of the construction project, it will again close on Monday to wrap up the two-year project.

The road will be closed from Southwest Wanamaker Road to Southwest Fairlawn Avenue.

“For us that especially live over on this side, tried to go around and then come up the back end and then you come up and it’s blocked,” said Oscar Trevino, who lives off of Southwest 10th Avenue. “It’s frustrating.”

When the road closed last year, Trevino said it was difficult to navigate.

“Be aware of that as you’re planning,” said City Manager Brent Trout in a media briefing on Tuesday. “We’ve had it open for a while, it’s been nice to have that additional route, the road project looks great, but now it’s time to close it down and finish it out.”

The construction project will widen the road to three lanes and install a new sewer system, sidewalk and street lights.

Trevino appreciates the city’s hard work, but wished they would focus on one major construction project at a time.

“Concentrate more of their equipment effort and their people and the resources to get it done, instead of having to take such a long period of time,” Trevino said. “I know they’ve got other projects, but I’d rather them concentrate on this project or whatever project they’re on.”

Trevino is not alone. Crystal Dale lives on the opposite side of Southwest 10th Avenue.

“It’s going to be an inconvenience for work,” Dale said. “I mean widening it to three lanes doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I mean if they feel that’s the best for it then I’m okay with it, but it’s just going to be a lot of extra driving now.”

Not only was Dale concerned about the inconvenience the construction causes, but safety as well.

“I have an elderly neighbor who the ambulance comes a lot for. They’re going to have to go extra routes to get here now, which kind of disturbs me because what if something happens in that time it’s taking them extra?” Dale said.

Although these are the concerns both Dale and Trevino are experiencing, they believed it will be nice once it is all done.

“I appreciate all the work that those people do for us,” Trevino said. “I know it’s hard work and I know we all appreciate it. We’ll appreciate it more once it gets finished. It’s going to be really nice.”

The City of Topeka does not have a specific date of when the road will reopen, but it will likely last until November.

You can track the progress of the construction project by clicking here.

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