TOPEKA (KSNT) – The results of a Topeka survey to decide on what to do with the space beneath the Polk-Quincy Viaduct have been released.

In Tuesday night’s city council meeting, the council was shown a presentation on the results of a survey released by Downtown Topeka Inc. in August. The survey sought to collect feedback from local residents on how best to use the space beneath the Polk-Quincy Viaduct once the reconstruction of Interstate 70 through downtown Topeka is completed.

The top pick out of the 17 options given to residents was a Multi-use Leisure space. A total of 2,620 people participated in the survey. Each person that participated was allowed to pick their top three favorite themes for the space. The results as shown to the city council are as follows:

Multi-use Leisure992
Family Recreation966
Outdoor Playplace852
Urban Eatery782
Urban Greenspace721
Walkable Trails668
Pet Friendly/Family Fun488
Rejuvenate & Relax668
Urban Skatepark419
Interactive Lighting394
Arts, Murals, & More364
Travel Way/Bike Paths292
Art Installations222
Worktime Escape179
Gathering Spot153
Setting the “Stage”137
Education Stations64
Survey results as reported by Downtown Topeka Inc.

DTI said that it will be working closely with local and state partners to see potential projects through back in August. DTI hopes to utilize major federal transportation funds to drive development. Both legal restrictions and safety measures will be under consideration when determining the final proposal.