TOPEKA (KSNT) – Local elections might not get the same turnout as presidential elections, but many Topekans made it out to make their voices heard in Tuesday’s general election.

While names like Joe Biden or Donald Trump weren’t on the ballot, other important local figures were.

“This is your opportunity to choose who you want to represent you in your school district, or your precinct or City Councilman,” supervising judge Fred Jackson said.

A few polling locations had a good turnout with people showing up early and often.

“We have four school board races, and those have been traditionally not high turnout, but this year for some reason we’ve got a pretty good turnout,” supervising judge Charles Smrha said. “A little over four hours into the day and we’ve got over 170 voters who have cast votes in this location.”

Polls across Kansas are focusing on making voting as accessible to everyone.

“If you are physically unable to get out of your car, we can come out to your car out in the parking lot and verify your eligibility and bring you a ballot,” Smrha said. “We have some voting areas that are set up to address handicapped voters and provide assistance.”

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