TOPEKA ROAD TREATMENT PLAN: finished for Sunday night – plan to pick up in the morning

Local News

City of Topeka crews wrapped up clearing and treating the streets around 7:00 p.m. Sunday.

City officials say that’s because, with the freezing temperatures, little can be done to improve the conditions overnight by treating and plowing.

City officials say all emergency routes, downtown and NOTO Districts, and hill or curve areas have been treated and plowed.

City spokeswoman Molly Hadfield said a 4 man team will be working Sunday night to take care of any problems that may happen.

A full crew will pick the work back up on Monday, with some help from the sun to warm up the ground temperatures, and treat the streets left tomorrow.

Hadfield said secondary and residential areas are currently snow packed in spots, and bare in some others, because of the high winds that caused snow to drift.

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