TOPEKA (KSNT)– Stout Elementary is celebrating its last year in session today, April 25th, by inviting the community out to walk its halls one last time.

This past academic year, Stout Elementary was hit hard with lower enrollment numbers. For this reason, they decided to shut down its operations and have current students moved to other 501 schools.

Parents were given the opportunity to choose which 501 school they wanted their child to attend next year, while teachers were given either their first or second choice for which school they wanted to transfer to within the district.

Current or former students are all invited to the school to look through old yearbook photos and watch old talent-show reels in the auditorium. The building administrator, Janna Abernathy, said people who were students 20 years ago were calling the school saying they would be coming to see the place one last time.

“I have just enjoyed my time in this building and especially this year since it’s my first time in this type of position. But I’m just looking forward to next year and ending this year on a strong note, especially with the staff being in the places they want to be,” Abernathy said.

The event is this evening from 3 to 5.