UPDATE: Chad Kibbe told KSNT News around 5 p.m. that the Kansas Highway Patrol found his bike around 8th and Clay in Topeka.

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Chad Kibbe was working security at Jeremiah Bullfrogs Bar and Grille when his bike was stolen from the parking lot, and it was all caught on tape. Now Kibbe wants it returned so he can get back to riding with his 12-year-old son.

“I thought someone was messing with me,” Kibbe told KSNT. “We serve alcohol and I thought it was just an antic.”

Kibbe was actually out front talking a patron out of driving home when his bike was taken by several men in a white vehicle. The Grille’s security camera caught it all.

The men who took the bike didn’t appear to know they were in bright light below a security camera.

Kibbe said the highly modified bike is his “commuter bike.”

“It’s light enough to slide into the back of the car,” he said. But more importantly, Kibbe said his son likes to ride bikes and he can’t do it alone, so he wants his bike back to get back out with his son.

A social media post on Jeremiah Bullfrogs Bar and Grille Facebook page was much more blunt. “Please help us find the a**holes who stole Chad’s bike.”

Kibbe hopes he will find his bike soon, he thinks the men who took it will be found because of their distinctive clothing. One of the men wore bright red shoes.

“That bike has seen a lot of adventures,” Kibbe told KSNT. He hopes a tip will come in soon, and he can get back to riding.