Topeka spa calls for spring cleaning for your skin

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As you spend time cleaning this spring, don’t forget about your skin.  Bacteria can cause your skin to age faster, dry out, and even trigger some more serious health problems.

Trisha Williams, the owner of Customskin Spa in Topeka says, “You can start to have bacterial infections to the skin, and have acne breakouts.  You can start to go from acne, to cystic acne, to rosacea to all kinds of different skin issues.”

Williams says, cleaning everything from your makeup brushes, to your bed linens and furniture will prevent bacteria from building up. 

“Change your sheets once a week,” Williams said. “A lot of people don’t think of the body and the things we lay on as being part of that. You can get linen spray for the sheets, the couches, for maybe your recliner. Spraying the pillowcases every night before you go to bed, and maybe in the morning, will help kill the dead skin cells and critters that like to eat on our dead skin cells. We also have a customized makeup brush cleaner. It’s highly important to be able to clean our brushes effectively everyday, but if not (daily) at least once a week. I know some people who have never cleaned their makeup brushes.”  

And don’t forget about your makeup. Yes, there is an expiration date on when to throw items out.  

“Have you had your makeup for more than 2 years? For eye shadows, trash it, get rid of it, it’s time to replace it,” Williams said. “For mascara, I usually recommend 3-4 months, but up to a 6 month period, [afterward] it’s time to replace the mascara.”

Customskin Spa in Topeka recommends you exfoliate regularly and even using a brush in the shower to get rid of dead skin cells. And don’t forget to keep up with your daily skincare routine, with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

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