TOPEKA (KSNT) – The North Star Steakhouse is celebrating 80 years of business in the capital city on May 31 with the release of a new beer and other fun events.

To help make the day even more memorable, the North Star Steakhouse will release a new beer, the North Star Pilsner, courtesy of the Blind Tiger Brewery on location. They also plan to celebrate that night with a slow opening anniversary kickoff event and will have cake and specials to share with guests.

(Photo Courtesy/Jeffrey Schell)

“The North Star has not only sustained but thrived due to the hard work of four different families, and countless team members dedicated in ensuring it’s success. Our guests make the North Star truly what it has become, and it’s their continued support that we want to honor and share this moment with them.” – North Star Steakhouse press release.

A summer series of interactive Dinner Theaters will also take place and will focus on some of the stories of the original owner of North Star, William E. Jug Robinson, a known bootlegger. The title of the show is “Jug’s Jugs got him in a Jug” and will feature local actors for the performance along with some long-time team members.

To see the North Star Steakhouse’s website and menu, click here.