Topeka thief blunders bike burglary, and it was all caught on camera

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka police are looking Wednesday for a thief that stole multiple bikes at once, and also took the opportunity to poke fun as he biffed the escape on a home security camera.

The Topeka Police Department shared the security video on its social media, asking the public if it recognized the suspect whose crime was caught on camera. The video shows the man riding out of a home’s garage with two bicycles. He’s holding one bike next to him while he’s seated on the other.

Four seconds into his escape, having gotten off of the driveway pavement and onto the front lawn’s grass, the video shows the thief’s bike stroll taking a turn for the worse. The second bicycle he’s guiding appears to move out in front of him, and within a second both bikes slip and knock him into the grass. The impact throws him off the bike seat, and he’s left struggling to sit up.

After he gets up, the video shows the suspect trying to get the bikes moving again, but it appears the fall left them tangled together. He separates them within half a minute but doesn’t try to get back on. Instead, he walks to the side while guiding both of the bikes. He appears to have been injured in the fall, as the video shows him limp slightly.

The end of Topeka police’s video shows when the thief first walks into the home’s garage to take the bikes, and he’s facing towards the camera with his face exposed. TPD said anyone who recognizes the suspect in the security video should email them at, or leave an anonymous tip with Shawnee County Crime Stoppers by calling 785-234-0007.

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