TOPEKA (KSNT) – The cold isn’t going to get in the way of this crossover. On Saturday, the downtown venue hosted the first of many new 2022 events.

Topeka Vendors Market partnered with local creators for the Farmers and Makers Market. Collaborating with local organizations and bringing more people to the market district.

In addition to bringing new booths to the downtown area, the event aims to give farmers the opportunity to sell their goods when the Farmers Market isn’t an option.

“I know the farmers have no place to go. I thought During the winter they’re probably struggling to make ends meet to sell their product,” Topeka Vendors Market Manager Marianne Sopoci said. “We thought it would be perfect for them to come on down and give them an opportunity to sell their product.”

The Topeka Vendors Market is planning on holding additional Farmers and Makers events in Feb. and March, both aimed for the third Saturday each month, coinciding with the Vendors Market bingo day event.