TOPEKA (KSNT) – Dogs can suffer from extreme temperatures during the summer just as much as people can.

During the high temperatures of the summer months, its important to remember that our furry friends can suffer from the heat too.

“It takes 60 days for pets to accumulate to weather,” said Dr. Robert Johnson, at Paw Prints Animal Hospital.

When speaking to Johnson, he discussed the different ways a dog can be impacted by the heat and the ways in which you can help prevent your pet from a going through a heat stroke.

How to prevent your dog from a heat stroke

Johnson wants dogs owners to know that providing plenty of shade and access to water can help reduce the chances of your dog suffering from heat stroke. Fresh water should be provided at least twice a day, if not more.

Effects of the heat

“Anything over 106 degrees can cause nerve damage such as irreversible brain damage, bleeding spontaneously, confusion and dehydration,” Johnson said.

Johnson also mentioned that a dogs organs can be severely affected as well such as the brain, liver and blood clotting can occur.

Dogs more susceptible to heat issues

Dogs that have a history of having problems in the heat are more susceptible to a heat stroke said Johnson. Breeds like English bulldogs, French bulldogs, pugs, and others with short snouts and breathing issues have a higher chance of being impacted by the heat. Johnson also said that obesity in dogs is a problem when temperatures rise because they are predisposed to heatstroke.

How to help your dog

If your dog seems to be overheating or having a heat stroke, Johnson suggests getting the dog damp with cool water (not cold, this causes other issues) to help cool them down. A fan can also be used to cool the dog down. These are two options to help an overheated dog, if you cannot get to a vet. Johnson emphasizes that getting the dog to a vet is the best option for helping the dog, but its important to keep the dog cool on the way over to the vet.