TOPEKA (KSNT) — For Iryna Nosok and her family, their home in Ukraine was no longer safe. Constant bombing ultimately led them to the difficult decision of fleeing the country.

This comes nearly six weeks after Russian troops began an invasion into Ukraine. As a result, Nosok’s family and one other were displaced, but arrived in Topeka on Sunday with the help of a local organization.

Although there is no official refugee program, members of the Greater Topeka Partnership, city council and other groups formed a Ukraine refugee task force to make their new beginning possible.

“Ukraine is definitely still not a safe place for kids and women, or anybody,” Yana Ross, from the hosting family said. “We’re very very glad we are able to help at least two families here.” 

“All this seems like some absolutely fantastic story,” Nosok said. “If anyone told me one month ago Iryna you will fly to Mars, you will come to Topeka – to me it would be equal.” 

The warm welcome in Topeka after a month of unknown, traveling across the globe and away from their home country — means everything.

“Kids don’t believe we’re in your city, they just think its another stop because everyday we’re like we are stopping here,” Nosok said. “We just want to have some rest, and then we will enjoy the beauty of your Topeka City everyday I hope.”

Task force and city council member Karen Hiller has a message for those that now call Topeka their home.

“Relax let us take care of you for a little while. Its clear that the community is eager to welcome them and take care of them for a little while,” Hiller said.

To learn more about supporting Ukrainian refugees, email