Topeka woman dealing with multiple layoffs as ‘stay-at-home’ begins

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A 30-day “stay-at-home” order has gone into effect in Shawnee County on Thursday. The order closes “non-essential” businesses and curtails where people are allowed to go through April 26. It’s also adding another level of stress for people who’ve been laid off due to coronavirus.

Both of Dallas Garner-Lake’s jobs laid her off in just over a week. She was cut from her first job as a bartender at 4 Guys Bar & Grill in Topeka last week. Then this week she was cut from her second job when Moonlight Adult Boutique in Topeka closed.

“I have my last paycheck from Moonlight and then my husband has his paycheck from his job and that’s it,” Garner-Lake said. “So, maybe, $700 until all this is figured out.”

Garner-Lake said she applied for unemployment when she lost her first job. However, she said she’s had a difficult time checking on the status of her claim due to the influx of people using the unemployment website.

While some places like her phone service T-Mobile aren’t collecting bills right now, Garner-Lake said she’s still trying to find a way to pay something.

“I don’t want to be stuck with a $500 bill come the time that I can pay,” Garner-Lake said. “It’s kind of just evaluating like this is how much I’m going to need to take care of pets or food or this and that, and then seeing which little bit you can actually contribute to your bills.”

Garner-Lake’s husband has also been let go from his job in Lawrence. Thankfully, she said they currently live with his parents, which cuts down on living expenses. However, she said the layoffs have affected when they will be able to get their own place and other planned vacations.

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