Topeka woman falls victim to text message scam; warning others what to look for

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local woman is warning others about a scam that almost cost her identity.

Gail Foster placed an online order at the popular retail store Bed Bath & Beyond. When she got an update on her order that looked like it was from the retailer, she quickly realized something wasn’t right.

“You have a missed parcel, please reschedule at all this stuff right here,” Foster said as she read the text message she received after putting in her order.

At first, the text message looked legitimate to her, especially after she had just placed an online order with Bed Bath & Beyond. Once she clicked on the link and it prompted her for more information. She knew something wasn’t quite right.

“That’s when it wanted to know my checking account number and etc., and it said that I owed $2.20,” Foster said. “Then, when I got that done, it said next. I thought well what more do you need?”

She said because she did have a package on the way, the scam almost got her.

“They wanted my social security number, you know all kinds of personal information,” she said.

Gail Foster isn’t alone in these text message scams. According to the Federal Trade Commission:

  • $86 million was reported lost last year alone from frauds like this one
  • The FTC got 334,524 complaints just like Gail’s
  • That comes down to 916 consumers getting scammed a day

“Very scary…it’s like I do not want to give my credit card number to anyone anymore,” Foster said.

If you still want to shop online, there are ways to do so safely. According to AARP, do not respond to suspicious text messages that are not clear from the retailer you shopped at. Do not click on any attachments or links you may get in a text as Gail did. Block any numbers that seem suspicious.

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