TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Barbara Abrams is on a mission to seek more information as to who hit her father and ran.

Abrams preferred not to disclose her father’s name for privacy reasons. He is currently at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, barely conscious, suffering from multiple broken bones and facing back surgery, Abrams said. He was hit on Sept. 23 at the intersection of NW Vail Ave. and NW Lyman Rd. in Topeka.

“The reason I looked behind me with all the grain trucks is there are some grain trucks in the photos and I’m wondering if maybe one of them might know something,” Abrams said when she paused and stared at a passing semi truck at the exact intersection where her father was hit.

The photos she referred to were from the day her 59-year-old father was hit. As of Sunday, the driver has not been found, according to Topeka Police.

“I don’t know how someone could just leave someone on the pavement like that and wonder if they’re alive or dead,” Abrams said. “The one thing he asked me was, ‘Have you caught the person who did this to me yet?’ I want to answer that when he’s able to talk to me.”

Abrams is asking anyone who has information to come forward, so she can finally tell her father who did this to him.

In the past two weeks, there have been multiple motorcycle accidents in Shawnee County, leaving motorcyclists injured or even dead.

This has caused motorcycle safety advocates to speak up and ask drivers to be aware when on the road.

“We can’t stop on a dime,” said Chris Butts, ABATE District Four representative. “A lot of cars, I don’t know if they don’t know it or if they’re not aware of it, but if they see a motorcycle coming up to them, stop and let them make sure they see the car. If we hit them, it’s a tragedy.”

If you do hit someone on a motorcycle, do not drive off, Butts said.

“It could be someone’s mother, sister, day,” Butts said.

Most importantly, drive safe and be aware, so people like Abrams’ dad can keep riding and make it home another day.

“I’m sure he will fight to ride a motorcycle again,” Abrams said. “He ain’t going to give up on that.”

Abrams has been in contact with police, who are looking for a white SUV, according to Abrams. However, they do not know a make or model of the vehicle.

If you do have any information on the crash, Abrams asks you contact her by messaging her on her Facebook page.