Topeka yogis prepare for new studio

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — Two female entrepreneurs who make up the Topeka Yoga Network are venturing out and expanding their business.

Mary Boland and Evelyn Spangler began teaching yoga in Topeka around 2014 and worked on their own, separate business plan around 2018. The women go to different venues and offices across Topeka like Stormont Vail, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library and the Foundry Event Center. Spangler also makes videos online for children to help teach them how to find their zen while also providing a fun story to tell, like Rumplestiltskin, as she practices.

Recently, Boland and Spangler decided to expand their business further and open a studio downtown, so they can have their own space as well as offer classes there.

“We’re just looking forward to expanding our horizons and providing more yoga for people,” said Mary Boland, the co-owner.

Especially after the stress the pandemic brought on, the two said that yoga has much more to offer people than just physical benefits.

“It’s even more important now,” Bolander said. “Because with the real mental stressors of society today, people need this outlet.”

The studio will be opening on December 1st at 925 S Kansas Ave. Until then, yogis across Topeka can find their services at different locations in the community. For more information about the Topeka Yoga Network, click here.

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