TOPEKA (KSNT)- Christmas is over, but before you throw out your tree, why not let an animal play with it instead?

The Topeka Zoo is accepting used Christmas trees that they will give to their animals.

Most animals in the zoo will receive trees to play with, but some animals, like the elephants, will not as it is not good for their diet. Animals like tigers, lions, giraffes and more will receive the trees which give the animals a new variety of experiences that the Topeka Zoo strives for every day.

“We try to make sure that every day is kind of a little different for them, and a new experience, so we give them different ways that they can get their food, different smells, different things that they have to interact with,” said Dalton Wiggins, a Topeka Zookeeper. “It keeps their brains working, it keeps every day a little bit more challenging for them, whereas we could just put their food in a bowl, or we could do things like this.”

Dozens of trees have already been donated. To donate your tree, you can leave it in Gage Park right next to the horseshoe courts until Jan. 8. Before donating your tree, make sure it is free of all ornaments, tinsel, lights or fake snow, as it can be dangerous to some animals.