Topeka Zoo announces lemur Cleo is pregnant

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Zoo workers take a radiograph of Cleo’s belly to check on her pregnancy. (Courtesy Photo/Topeka Zoo)

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Cleo the lemur is now expecting babies in the next couple of weeks, the Topeka Zoo announced Thursday evening.

Based on the results of a radiograph picture of Cleo’s belly, she is expecting two babies. This will be Cleo’s third pregnancy with her partner Sorabe, according to the zoo. The duo had their first pregnancy in 2019, but the zoo said Cleo gave birth to stillborn babies then. With a second pregnancy, Cleo and Sorabe had their first daughter Avana in May 2020.

Cleo, a black-and-white ruffed lemur, came to the Topeka Zoo on a recommendation from the Species Survival Plan, a program that helps ensure the survival of threatened or endangered species.

Although this is Cleo’s third pregnancy, the zoo said it is high risk, and it is handling Cleo’s healthcare with caution. After she delivers the babies, the Topeka Zoo will close its Animals and Man building that Cleo, Sorabe and Avana call home, allowing the family some peace for care and bonding.

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