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Topeka Zoo announces name for tiger cub, shares adorable video

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - The Topeka Zoo announced the name for one of its new tiger cubs, after people who visited the zoo voted.

The cub's name will be "Badar," according to a Facebook post by the zoo. 

Zoo officials say more than two-thousand people voted on the name from a list of three. 

Badar is also the name of the ranger on the ground in Sumatra that the zoo supports through a conservation fund, the zoo posted. 

Badar is one of four tiger cubs born at the zoo. Tiger parents Jingga and Sanjiv had three male cubs and one female cub earlier this month. 

One of the other cubs will be named by staff at the Blind Tiger Brewery, a major sponsor of the exhibit. Another cub will be named by a family who has been involved at the zoo for years, and the final cub will be named by zoo staff. 

They also posted an adorable video of the cub and his mom.








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