TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new pair of breeding tigers are coming to Topeka.

With less than 500 Sumatran Tigers in the wild, saving the species is critical.

Of the 72 Sumatran tigers in AZA-accredited zoos in North America, seven have been born here
at the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center.

The Topeka Zoo announced Thursday it has received recommendations to transfer its tigers to other zoos per a Species Survival Plan (SSP), and has been designated a new breeding pair of tigers.

The zoo said it will release more information following the quarantine periods which are expected to be complete this fall.

“Tiger transfers can already be difficult, and welcoming a new breeding pair that we haven’t worked with before can be extra tough,” said Shanna Simpson, Animal Curator. “We’re looking forward to the challenge, and if all goes well, we can look forward to another set of cubs in the future.”

Those wanting to celebrate the Sumatran Tigers can join in Global Tiger Day, which will be celebrated July 30 from 9a-3p at the Topeka Zoo. Visitors can learn more about the tiger species and participate in activities like “Thumbs-up for Tigers.”

The Topeka Zoo

“Global Tiger Day is an opportunity for the world to stop and take stock on how tigers are doing in the wild,” said Dennis Dinwiddie, Director of Conservation and Education. “We learn where they are, the challenges they are facing and most importantly what all we can do to help. There are things we can do to help tiger populations in their range countries even from right here in Northeast Kansas”