TOPEKA (KSNT)- All week sports fans have been announcing their predictions for the winner of the Super Bowl, but none of them are cuter than the ones here in the Capital City.

This morning, the Topeka Zoo decorated the orangutan Exhibit with Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles gear, and let the orangutans predict the winner of the game.

The first orangutan to predict a winner was Rudy, and she picked the hometown Chiefs, exciting everyone in attendance.

“They’re pretty darn good but we may have a little bit of biased here at the Topeka Zoo, we may put the Kansas City Chiefs box a little bit closer to where they come out, but we will see,” says Animal Curator Shanna Simpson.

In terms of accuracy of the yearly tradition, the last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl, the orangutans predicted the Tampa Buccaneers to win, which to everyone in attendance was a mistake, but ended up reigning true, so put your faith in the apes.