Topekans report person with BB gun shooting out car windows

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Residents in Topeka are reporting someone inside a car drove around Tuesday evening and shot multiple drivers’ windows out.

Topeka Police Department Lieutenant Manuel Munoz gave new information on the shooting incidents Wednesday afternoon.

“On March 23, 2021, Shawnee County Communications Center began receiving
calls by individuals that reported to have had their car window vandalized by someone shooting
at them with what they believed to be a BB gun. The reports indicate that this may have been
in several areas of town, but most reports put them on the east part of Topeka. We are asking
anyone that might have been a victim to contact us at 785-368-9464 to file a report.”

Lieutenant Manuel Munoz, Topeka Police Department
(Courtesy Photo)

Viewer-submitted photos show shattered car windows after projectiles hit them. One driver told KSNT News she was driving north on Southeast Adams Street and saw an early 2000’s gold or tan Buick driving in the southbound lanes when a BB hit and spiderwebbed her driver’s side window.

Glass litters the street after a BB hit a Topeka driver’s window. (Courtesy Photo)

Another Topekan told KSNT News that she was driving just east of Southwest Topeka Boulevard and 29th Street, when her driver’s side car window was hit.

In this case, the window shattered, and the driver said the glass hurt them when it broke inwards.

(Courtesy Photo)

A Topeka Police Department watch commander said Tuesday evening that they did not know how many cars were shot, but said the shooter used a BB gun. Munoz said officers went the same night to the area of Southwest 24th Street and Gage Boulevard for reports of windows damaged between 4:05 and 5:30 p.m., and gave advice on what to do to help the department find a suspect.

“I would just advise folks to call 911 immediately when it is safe to do so. If at all possible, provide information on the vehicle or suspects. We may have officers in the area close by that might be able to apprehend the individuals. Unfortunately, some folks have waited to get home to call. If you can’t do it right away, you can call in to make a report or come to the [Law Enforcement Center] and make a report.”

Lieutenant Manuel Munoz, Topeka Police Department

If your car window was recently damaged by a BB gun, click here to send a report and a photo to KSNT News. If you would like to file a report with the Topeka Police Department, click here.

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