Tornado tears through roof of Mayetta home

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On Tuesday, numerous tornadoes moved through Northeast Kansas. One of those was in Mayetta. 

The Pruyser family watched the tornado touch down and move their way. They ran and took cover as that tornado tore through the roof of their home. 

Curtis Pruyser took a video of it all on his phone, while his wife Katrina ran for cover with their son and her mother. 

She described those terrifying moments. 

“I took off running because I knew it was coming right at us. I mean it was in our field. My horses were right on this side of the field. It just came right at us. When I went to open up the door, I had a hard time opening. Then I slammed it shut and mom was saying the Lord’s prayer while, mom was hugging Landon and I was hugging both of them, on the ground in the closet just praying that we’re gonna be ok,” Katrina Pruyser said, “Honestly, I didn’t know that it hit us. You know the roar of everything and your adrenaline’s going, but then when I came outside I thought wow.”

Now the family has a major cleanup ahead of them, but they say the inside of their home is relatively untouched. The family said most of all they feel lucky that they’re safe and that all of their horses survived as well. 

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