Tuttle Creek Reservoir levels stay normal despite recent rains

Local News

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – In 2019, Tuttle Creek Reservoir experienced a surge in water as areas in the lake’s watershed experienced record-setting rainfall.

Fast forward to 2021, even though there have been recent heavy rainfalls in Kansas, the areas in the Tuttle Creek watershed have had below or average rainfalls. That is good news for Tuttle Creek and the areas around the lake.

“So far this season we have been able to maintain close to our conversation pool or our normal summer pool which is ten seventy-five feet above main sea level, and this recent rainfall really has not impacted that,” said U.S. Corps of Engineers Tuttle Creek Park Manager Melissa Bean.

In 2019 Manhattan experienced 11 and a half inches of rain in May. In 2021 the city has only recorded just under four inches so far.

The U.S. Corps of Engineers are letting water out of the lake currently through the “tubes” on the east side of the dam, but not nearly at the levels experienced in 2019.

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