MANHATTAN (KSNT) – There are boats, there are cars, and then there’s the Amphicar. Getting its start back in WWII by German designer Hans Tripple, the Amphicar has the ability to drive on land and water.

“His desire was always to make an Amphibacar that he could sell to the mass and general public,” Doug Meloan with the Midwest Dream Car Collection said. “So, in 1960, he introduced the Amphicar which we see here before us. They were all built in Berlin. Ninty percent of them were imported to the United States.”

Wednesday, thanks to the Midwest Dream Car Collection, a few lucky people got to ride in one at Tuttle Creek Lake in Manhattan at the nonprofit’s third annual event.

“The thing that’s the best about driving it today [Wednesday] is taking it in the water with the first timers,” Midwest Dream Car Collection Executive Director, Chris Gergeni said. “Members that get their name drawn, we’ll do it five or six probably tonight, ride with Doug or me and just go out on the water and experience it and let them have the fun that we get to have.”

While it’s only taken out once a year, the experience is like no other.

“There’s nothing crazier or more unnatural than driving straight at the water, slowing down a little, but then just keeping going and presuming and hoping you’re going to float,” Gergeni said.

While not everyone Wednesday got the chance to ride in this unique vehicle, that’s not unusual because chances are not a lot of others have either.

“We’re real fortunate to have this one,” Meloan said. “This is one of about 400 left in existence that’s still what we call ‘seaworthy’, that you can take out on the lake and then drive it home. So, we’re pretty proud of this little car here.”

The Amphicar isn’t all the Midwest Dream Car Collection has to offer. They also have a wide variety of custom cars, muscle cars, exotic cars and classic cars.