TOPEKA (KSNT) — For a few weeks now KSNT has been following the story of Tylynn Cross, whose car was stolen with her $17,000 insulin pump still inside.

Since then Tylynn has been in and out of the ICU, and she currently finds herself back at the Manhattan ICU. Because Tylynn was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes just this last year, she has still been adjusting to life with the health condition. Losing her insulin pump has caused her great suffering since she still isn’t used to the lifestyle change.

Kimberly Davidson, a family friend of Tylynn’s mother, Casey, created a GoFundMe when her pump was first stolen. Since its creation, they have raised a total of $2,012.

Recently, Casey Cross reached out to the company that makes the insulin pump that Tylynn had.
After explaining their situation to a higher-up in the company, they agreed to lower the price of the pump from $17,000 to $5,000.

Casey explained that their homeowners’ insurance is willing to cover $3,000 of the $5,000 for the pump, meaning her family only has to cover the deductible of $2,000.

“So far on our GoFundMe we have just over $2,000, but as everyone knows who uses that, you pull that money out and they take a fee,” Kimberly Davidson said. “So, we are hoping to get at least $2,200 for the pump itself.”

Davidson explains that any extra money they get from the GoFundMe will go towards covering Tylynn’s medical bills that have stacked up since the pump was stolen.

Casey told KSNT that Tylynn is still in the ICU in Manhattan and that the earliest her doctor says she can be discharged is by Friday.

Since Friday, they have raised more than $1,500 for the Go Fund Me, bringing it to a total of more than $3,800.

Right when they hit this number, they took out the money and ordered Tylynn’s pump. Davidson says it is expected to arrive any day now.

“It’s amazing the army you can put together in times of need. I mean you don’t realize so many people have a heart until something happens and people come out of the woodwork. The last donation that we had was a thousand-dollar donation.”

Anything remaining after the pump was purchased will be donated to the medical bills from Tylynn’s two ICU visits.