USD 501 back to school options: your guide to remote, virtual and hybrid learning

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Topeka Public Schools said it’s seeing a major surge in the amount of students signing up for 100% online learning this fall. If you still haven’t signed up, KSNT News has you covered on everything you need to know about the options.

When school resumes September 9 for USD 501 students, all of them will start learning online. Then, students have three options.

Students will automatically be enrolled in a hybrid phase where they go to school in person two days out of the week and use online learning three days of the week with their teachers via Zoom or other tools.

Remote learning resembles a normal school day, but like the name says, is completely remote. Students will learn with their teachers and classmates via Zoom.

Virtual learning gives the students more independence. These students will be part of the Avondale Academy, where there is less of a classroom feel. Students do not have teachers, but can speak to one when they need extra help. Instead of dialing in to class, they may choose to learn at night or on their terms.

While parents might remember the sudden onset of online learning from last spring, school leaders said the fall will look much different. The state has new guidelines on how many minutes each student needs to work on the various subjects of the day.

Plus they will be more strict with attendance.

“Those that don’t follow that attendance guidelines, we’ll be following up with them – even those that never get logged on or just never connected – we will be doing home visits we have a bunch of contingency plans in case,” said Aaron Kipp, general director of demographics & assessment.

He said the school is also working with Cox to bring internet access to families who lack high speed access.

The district is encouraging families to make decisions by Aug. 12. If you have any more questions, you can call the demographics department at (785) 295-3055.

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