USDA to reopen offices for some services during government shutdown

Local News

Many Farm Service Agency offices, shuttered during the government shutdown, will reopen temporarily throughout Kansas and neighboring farm states Thursday and Friday and next Tuesday January 22. Monday is the federal Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said it is recalling some 2,500 FSA workers to open the offices. In almost half of FSA locations, the staff will be available to help farmers with existing loans and provide tax documents to borrowers by the Internal Revenue Service’s deadline.

Most offices in northeast Kansas and around the rest of the state are expected to reopen temorarily.

Information on the locations of FSA offices to be reopened is posted in the USDA website and social media pages.

•    On the USDA website.
•    On Twitter at @SecretarySonny and @USDA.
•    On USDA’s Facebook page.

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