TOPEKA (KSNT) – A Topeka car dealership has shared photos and video of an alleged thief who not only made off with a motorbike, but also put a sizeable dent in a nearby luxury car.

The theft occurred in the evening on Wednesday, June 22 at Ol Mac Motors, located at 3216 S. Kansas Ave., in Topeka when a woman hopped onto a Vespa motorbike and drove out of the lot with it. However, when alleged thief tried to make off with her new wheels she rammed into a Mercedes that was parked nearby, according to Katie Wood, the wife of Ol Mac Motors’ owner.

Wood told 27 News that the theft happened at the end of the day when most staff had already departed. The alleged thief showed up right before closing on a rentable Bird scooter and told a car salesman she wanted to take the Vespa for a test drive. Since the woman did not have a drivers license with her, she was denied. The woman told the car salesman she would come back later to purchase the Vespa and left.

(Photo Courtesy/Katie Wood)

Once all staff members had left, except for a deaf mechanic who was putting various vehicles back into storage for the night, the woman returned and allegedly tried to steal the Vespa which, according to Wood, is priced at around $5,000. Her crash with the Mercedes, which was owned by a separate dealership, added to the costs associated with the theft as her head put a sizeable dent in the luxury car.

After hitting the Mercedes, the alleged thief wiped out in the street before picking the Vespa back up and driving away. Wood said she and others have been looking for the vehicle and a police report has been filed with the Topeka Police Department.

If you spot the stolen Vespa, call Ol Mac Motors at 785-233-5740.