Virtual Career Fair hosts live day for adults

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Today, March 4, will be a live day at the Junior Achievement of Kansas Virtual Career Fair.

The purpose of the event is to help employers find qualified and interested job seekers who want to stay and work in NE Kansas.

The 90 day fair will run through May 29.

During the live day, adults and college grads will be able to view the auditorium presentations and visit the exhibitor booths. In addition, the booths will have staff manning them to provide more immediate feedback on questions and interest, and some booths will be hosting live zoom sessions to interact directly.

The Junior Achievement of Kansas

Local employers are still able to sign up for an exhibitor booth to host job opening along with select videos.

“Our goal for the March 4 live day for adults is to allow employers and employees the opportunity to interact and learn more about each other, even now, we have low unemployment in Shawnee County, which means that employers are having to work harder to fill their open positions. We are offering this Virtual Career Fair as one means to help the employers fill their open positions, and the potential employees find a good fit for their skill set.”

Ashley Charest, President, Junior Achievement of Kansas

JA’s Virtual Career Fair will target 9 counties which include Shawnee, Jefferson, Jackson, Pottawatomie, Wabaunsee, Osage, Marshall, Douglas and Franklin.

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