TOPEKA (KSNT) – This week, people in the Auburn-Washburn school district will start voting on a $160 million bond election.

If the bond is approved, it would fund a number of improvements across the district, including building a second middle school. The bond election will be done entirely through the mail. Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote and ballots will start being mailed out on Wednesday.

The bond is split into two questions with the first being worth $145 million. The biggest chunk of this money would be used to build an additional middle school which would be located south of 29th and Urish next to the Mission Township Fire Department.

On Monday, district leaders say Washburn Rural Middle School has nearly 1,000 students, making it the largest in the state of Kansas.

“We would reduce the number of students there,” Martin Weishaar, Director of Communications at Auburn-Washburn, said. “We would bring our 6th-grade students into the two middle schools, the new middle school, and the current middle school, so we would reduce the number to about 750 students or so at each of those schools.”

Under this plan, the district would make improvements to the current middle school as well. Both of those projects would be finished for the 2025-2026 school year. The district would also add early education classrooms to the elementary schools along with a career and technical education center at Washburn Rural High School.

The second question on the ballot would build a $15 million community pool at Washburn Rural High School. Homeowners who have a $200,000 home would pay $165 more a year in property taxes over the next 20 years if this plan is approved.