SHAWNEE COUNTY (KSNT) — The Shawnee County Planning Department needs your help.

Many people within the county have expressed interest in tiny homes, in part to their growing popularity as seen on many television programs. And unlike recent projects to help house the area’s homeless populations, these homes will be for people who are wanting alternative housing.

County planners developed tiny home zoning regulations and are now asking the public to review them before sending them off to the county’s planning commission for adoption. The county told KSNT News on Thursday they are anticipating to have a finished draft done by April.

Once a draft is complete, there are several more stages in the process before the plan reaches the Shawnee County Commission for full approval. The final steps of the process are expected to be done close to the beginning of the summer.

Unlike residential housing, tiny homes will be pushed outside the city limits — at least three miles.

“A person would have the right to come in agricultural zoning districts, not into a neighborhood, that’s in a subdivision but into acreage property and comply with certain criteria to have that option,” Randy Anderson, Shawnee County planning director said.

If you are interested in potentially building a tiny home, click here to read the county’s zoning regulations, and scroll down to page 39 to find “Tiny Home(s).”