TOPEKA (KSNT) – Crime is a growing concern in Topeka, especially after the city recently recorded its 33rd homicide of 2023. One local university is making sure it has everything covered in terms of safety.

Washburn University Police Chief Chris Enos told 27 News that this recent uptick in violence is happening nationwide, but that does not mean Topeka isn’t immune to it. He said most of the crime he sees on Washburn’s campus is property-related.

However, his officers are prepared for anything at any time.

“Washburn’s a community within a community,” Enos said. “Although we may not be impacted directly by that violence, we live here in the city, we work here in the city, and so, we see the headlines, and feel the concern about that.” 

He said Washburn’s commitment to safety is unprecedented. That safety, according to Enos, beings with his officers and communications staff, who are on call 24/7 monitoring cameras and police phones that are located across campus.

Topeka’s 31st homicide of 2023 happened just blocks away from Washburn’s campus, but Chief Enos assures the university’s campus is safe. He wants to provide a path for students who want a different lifestyle away from crime and violence, so making Washburn a place where that can happen is important to him.

He encourages everyone to continue being aware of their surroundings and report anything that may look suspicious.