Washington officials looking for answers at Kansas truck stops in 30 year old cold case

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KALAMA, Wash. (KSNT) – The Washington State Patrol is needing help with an almost thirty-year-old cold case.

The victim, a woman between the ages of 17 and 21, was killed in a semi-truck collision in May of 1991. She was in the semi when the driver hit another truck, resulting in a fire. The victim, who appears to be of Native American descent, was left badly burned and has never been identified.

Since the victim’s death, no friends or family have come forward to identify the body.

“A family is missing a loved one, and we really want to give her a name and that’s why we’re doing this now. We’ll continue to do this, you know, we may be talking again in ten more years. Hopefully not, hopefully we can I-D her then but we’re not going to stop trying to identify her,” Washington State Patrol Correspondent Carri Gordon said.

While the collision happened in Washington, officials have yet to figure out where the victim got picked up by the driver. The driver’s route included Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon.

In efforts to identify the woman, Washington State Patrol is following the same route, stopping at local truck stops to spread the word in hopes someone has information.

The Washington State Patrol reached out to the KBI and has been helping with the investigation.

If you have any information about the case, please contact the Washington State Patrol Cold Case Team at (425) 401-7740.

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