Water main breaks in Topeka more than doubled in 2018

Local News

New numbers show that the city of Topeka had 875 water main breaks in 2018.

In 2017, they only had 425.

Amanda Behm lives on 10th street and says there is a water main break on her street about once or twice a year.

She now keeps water bottles in her home just to be prepared.

“We just took a trip and my mom came to visit and stay with the kids, we had to leave bottles of water in case something like this does happen,” said Behm.

Jack Mason, the city’s Water System’s Manager says the high amount of breaks could be because of the changing weather and aging pipes.
“It also is attributed to some of the lines in central Topeka are at the age of 75 to a hundred years so they’re at their expected life term,” said Mason.
Mason says it’s hard to be proactive and replace the pipes before they break because it is costly.

They do, however, replace the pipes when they repave a road.

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