CARBONDALE (KSNT) – If you’re living in Carbondale, you’ve probably noticed that the water quality from your tap has been lackluster in past weeks.

The people of Carbondale have had brown and yellow water coming out of their taps for the past month now which has left residue on bathtubs and dishes. It has left community members worried about what’s in their water.

According to the city mayor, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has been working with the city of Carbondale for the last couple of weeks to fix the discoloration issue. In order to resolve the problem, the city began to bleed the lines throughout the distribution system, believing a reoccurring problem of dirt accumulating inside the pipes to be the issue.

After flushing 80,000 gallons of water into the system, and making adjustments to the chemical feed, slowly but surely residents have begun to see results.

“We’ve got it pretty well taken care of although people have to understand we have about 250,000 gallons of water in the water tower, and it takes a while for that water to work through the system,” said John Ryan, Carbondale City Mayor. “There’s nothing wrong with the quality of the water, it’s the aesthetics that are the issue.”

The mayor encourages any household that is still having those water issues to reach out to the city office. They’ll work with you to send someone over to check on the quality of the water.