Waterville Fire Department rescues family’s pets from house fire

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WATERVILLE (KSNT) – In the small town of Waterville, you are likely to see trucks on their way to somewhere else. Stop by and you will find a local volunteer fire department with the biggest hearts around.

On Sunday, the department responded to a house with a fire in the basement. The department was able to put out the fire and everyone inside made it out fine, but the department went the extra mile to save the family’s three cats and one dog.

“They end up locating the cats. I think the first one that Aaron located was they call her Wilma and brought her out. She didn’t look very good, she wasn’t in very good shape. She looked like she was under a lot of stress,” said Waterville Firefighter Mike Vermetten.

Waterville Firefighter Mike Vermetten administering oxygen to a cat rescued from a house fire. (Photo from Cassy Hanby.)

The firefighters didn’t stop with Wilma, they saved two other cats and a dog by using oxygen. The animals were later transported to a local vet.

“You want to help your neighbors, you know. Your neighbors, it is kind of one big tight-knit community and it gives you a lot of reward to help your neighbors,” Vermetten said.

The rescue was personal for Vermetten and his team because after all, pets are also like family.

“Every one of us has pets and you see the family there. It is their family and when you are able to go in and bring out members of their family and save them and get them in a better place, it’s very rewarding,” Vermetten added.

Mike Vermetten holding a cat rescued from a house fire in Watterville. (Photo from Cassy Hanby)

The homeowner told KSNT News the pets are doing great and expected to fully recover. The homeowner also said the firefighters “deserve all the credit they can get.”

No matter how big or how small of a town, there are always people that care for their neighbors, even if they have four legs.

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